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Dictation No. 3 (Wednesday, April 8th)

Hector buys something to eat, choosing something cool and sweet. Then he gives his mom the ice. Hector’s really very nice!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

We started writing! Write your first description on a sticky note and pin it on the linoit canvas! Get started!!

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Classwork – Thursday, March 26th (Unit 1)

We went to Senior 2 and used the Digital Board. You may revise what we did in class.

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Jacinta’s Special Day

Cini made a beautiful poster and talked about her trip to Disney World! She told us about her visit to the Castle and her favorite attractions. It was fantastic!!

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Maria’s Special Day

Maria prepared a Prezi presentation. It was wonderful! She talked about her family, her favourite sports and her holidays. It was really great!  

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Dictation No. 2 (Wednesday, April 1st)

Hector goes into the store, picks out an orange and then one more He sees a pretty flower to buy. Hector’s really quite a guy!

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Present Simple – Let’s revise!

Hi! Today we are going to go over the Present Simple! Source: Cornerstone 3, Pearson Longman. Now, have a look at the Tutorial Finally, play the Present Simple games on the right for reinforcement.

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Classwork – Digital Board – March 12th

Today we went to Senior 2 and used the Digital Board for the first time! First, we read “Cool Hector”, a Cornerstone story. Next, we  worked on comprehension. Finally, we started go over the Present Simple. It was amazing!   … Continue reading

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Feli’s Special Day

It was Feli’s Special Day! She brought a PPT presentation and talked about her, her family, her holidays and likes! Finally, there was a raffle! The prize was a magazine! We had lots of fun!!!!

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Dictation No. 1 (Wednesday, March 18th)

I have a purple pencil-case. There are twelve coloured pencils, a pen, an eraser and a sharpener in it. I keep my books and folder on a shelf in the bookcase.

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