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Writing a Plot Summary – Unit 2

In groups write the plot summary of “Sharing a Garden”. Pin it on the linoit canvas.

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Iñaki’s Special Day

Iña made a presentation using Prezi. He  spoke about his family, his club and his favorite vacations on a cruise ship!! We were delighted listening to him!

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Game Time!!!!

We invited Junior 1 and Junior 2 students to play our Pong Games. We showed them how to play the games, and they had fun trying them! They even achieved super high scores!!!!! Thanks a lot J1 and J2!!!!!

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Programming Project – “Robots en la Selva” Workshop

To enrich our programming skills we went to Fundación Telefónica to attend a workshop on programming. It is called “Robots en la Selva”. We worked using legos! Have a look at the video to share our experience. It was fantastic!!!

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Classwork – Digital Board – Thursday, May 21st (Unit 2)

Today we went to the Lab to use the Digital Board. We kept on working on The Contest and the Past Simple.

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Marcos’ Special Day

Marcos made a model with his family of a volcano in the dinasour age! We were all amazed! Then, he taught us about different dinasours. Thanks, Marcos!!!!

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Dictation #8. Wednesday, May 27th:

The North Wind took another breath and then she blew very hard. She bew leaves from the trees. She pushed flying birds from the sky. They hid in their nests. The North Wind threw spiders to the ground.

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Sofi’ Special Day

Sofi prepared a Prezi presentation.  It was incredible! She told us about her family, her latest trips and what she likes at school!

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Mateo’s mom visited us!

Today Baby, Mate’s mom, came to school. She showed us and told us how they created games at Maldón. She told us how they got the idea, how they played the game to try it and even how they made … Continue reading

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Dictation No. 7 – Wednesday, May 20th

The Sun turned his face to Earth. He grew brighter. The clouds disappeared. The Sun became even brighter. The birds peeked out of their nests. They started to sing. The spiders crawled back up the trees.

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