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Oli’s Special Day

Oli made a presentation on his favorite football players! We learnt a lot about them. It was fantastic!!!

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Manu’s Special Day

Manu talked about his summer vacations in Pinamar. He had a wonderful time! But he hit his nose in the Samba!! Poor Manu! Thanks Manu for your amazing special day!

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Dictation #11 – Wednesday, August 26th

Scientists learned that Betty the crow could solve a problem. This is not proof that crows can solve problems. Scientists have to do more tests. They have to study other crows. But they used a great idea to learn something … Continue reading

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Do you want to play some games?

Click on the following links to practise for the Starters exam and have a lot of fun! Animals Food Names

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Polo’s Special Day

Polo prepared a PPT presentation and talked about his likes. He also showed us his trips! It was amazing!

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Dictation #10 – Wednesday, August 19th

The scientists watched crows eating clams. The crows picked up the clams with their beaks. They carried the clams high in the air, and then dropped them to the ground.

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Mica’s Special Day

Mica prepared a PowerPoint presentation and talked about her friends and her family. She also showed us what she likes doing. It was so nice!!

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Classwork – Digital Board – Thursday, August 6th (Unit 4)

Today we went to Senior 1. We worked on “Scientists and Crows” and watched several videos on crows. Next, we chose some and posted them in the blog. Then, we worked on Past Simple, focusing on irregular verbs.

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Scientists and Crows – Unit 4

We watched some videos in YouTube about crows. In this video a crow uses cars to open walnuts! In this video Betty, the crow, bends a wire to lift a bucket with food! These are some more videos about crows!

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Dictation No. 9 – Wednesday, August 12th

The scientists gave the crows this problem. They put food in a tiny bucket with a handle. The bucket was at the bottom of a tube. The crows could not reach the bucket without using a tool.

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