Journal entry about your day by Mica, Ambar and Mora

Thursday,July 20th
Dear diary,

Today I went to the shopping centre with Mora, Mica, Cata and Ambar. Mora went to Cheeky, Ambar to Rapsodia, and Mica to Pink. Cata went to Mimo. We got lost. Mora thought that all her friends were with her, but they were not, and Ambar, Cata and Mica too. We started to walk and walk. We asked people to help us, but we didn´t find anyone. We ate alone with tears in our eyes. When we finished eating, we walked again. We sang the same song. Then, magically, Mora found Ambar, and Ambar ran very fast and gave Mora a big hug. Mora said, “AMBAR, did you see Mica or Cata?” No, I don´t see them. Mora said ohh!!! but Mica and Cata met. Then the girls walked and walked through all the shopping but they could not meet. So they went to Grimoldi and… THEY MET!! And they never got lost again. We gave each other a very big hug, we smiled and hoped this adventure doesn’t repeat again.


Mora, Mica and Ambar.

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