Monthly Archives: October 2015

We Rock!

Yesterday we recorded the song for our concert 2015 performance!!! It was an amazing experience! Can´t wait to be on the stage on November 9th!

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Concert 2015!!!

COMING SOON… Click on the picture and practise the song!

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Mateo’s Special Day

Mateo showed us a presentation on his vacations in Mar de las Pampas. We watched him surf and saw a picture with his friends! Mate, we loved your vacations!

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Fran’s Special Day

Fran prepared a presentation on his two favorite trips! They were very different, but the two of them were great!!!! Thanks Fran!!!!

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Mora’s Special Day

Mora went on holidays to Brazil. She showed us everything they did in such a beautiful place!!!!! She had amazing vacations!  

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