Summary “A mirror, a carpet and a lemon”

Once there was a sultan who lived with his daughter. She was very beutiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to recive gifts,every princes brought a gift. One brought a bird, another brought a diamond in the shape of a star and as big as a coconut. The sultan liked all the gifts but they weren´t good enough.In a faraway land, there lived three brothers, who were princes. They, heard of princess Perihan´s beauty and they wanted to marry her, so they bought gifts. The first prince bought a magic mirror. The second bought a magic carpet and the third a magic lemon. The merchant said that the lemon could cure any illness. The next day the three princes went to Perihan´s palace.The princes looked into the magic mirror to see what was Perihan doing,in the mirror they could see Perihan was sick.They were woried about the princess so they jumped into the magic carpet.When they arrived at the palace,they saw the sultan was crying.the third prince said “Your majesty,I can help your daughter”.The three princes follow the sultan  into a room where Perihan lay on her bed  (the third prince squeezed the lemon).He squeezed in a cup and gave it to her.The princess felt much better.Then the sultan decided that Perihan was going to marry the…. third prince!


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