Summer reading ¨a mirror a carpet and a lemon¨ (my summary)

Once there was a sultan who live with his daughter. She was very beautiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to her.As the suitan wanted to receive gifts ,every prince brouth a gift. One brought a bird. Another brought a hen that could lay colorful eggs. The last brought the biggest diamond you could see. It was as big as a coconut with a shape of a star.In another land there were there were 3 princes who werein love with perithian, the daugther of the sultan.They went to the market to buy something tfor perithian´s father. the first prince brougth a magic mirror .In it you could see what was happening anywere in the world.The second prince brougth a magic carpet. when you sat on it you could fly  anywere in the world. the youngest brougth a lemon. These lemons were not normal lemons. they were magic lemons. they travelled to the castle.The first prince asked: ¨ what does princess look like¨ they saw the mirror that the princess was dying.They arrive at sultan´s palace.They went to the princess bed-side they give her the juice of the lemon and she got cured and she got married

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