summer reading “a mirror, a carpet and a lemon” (my summary)

Once upon a time there was a sltan who lived with his daughter . She was very beautiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to receive gifts, every prince bought a gift. One brought a bird , another brought a hen that lay colorful eggs. The last one brought  a diamond in the shape of a star and as big as a coconut. “They are all wonderful gifts but none one is enough to marry my daughter” said the sultan. In a faraway land, there lived three brothers who where princes. They heard of the princess and they wanted to marry her. They went to the market with five thousend pieces of gold to buy a gift to the sultan. The first prince bought a magic mirror, in it, you cold see what was happening in the world. The second prince bought a magic carpet, you sat on it,and,you could fly to any place in the world. The last  prince bought a magic lemon. The juice of the lemon could  cure any illness. In the middle of the journey they saw in the mirror what was happening at the palace, they saw the princess was very ill. They jumped onto the carpet and they flew at the palace. When they entered the palace the third prince said that he could cure the princess,so he squeezed the lemon and gave the juice to the princess. The princess drank it and she was cured!! So the sultan decided that the third prince was going to marry the princess.


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