summer reading “a mirror a carpet and a lemon”(my summary)

Once there was a sultan who lived with her daghter. She was very beautiful and special. The sultan want a prince for marry her. Us the sultan wanted to receive gifts; every prince brought a gift. One brought a bird. Another brought a hen that could clay colorful eggs. The last one brought a diamond in a shape of a star. In a faraway land there lived three brothers. They wanted to marry the princess. Each of them have five thousand pieces of gold to buy a gift for the sultan so they went to the market to find  gifts. The first prince bought a magic mirror; in it you could see what was happening anywhere in the world. The second prince bought a magic carpet; when you sat on it you could fly anywhere in the world. In the market,the third prince, the youngest of all, saw a merchant had never seen before.”Lemons lemons” the merchant called. The prince was interesed and asked the merchant what was special about his lemons “these are magic lemons there juice can cure any illness.” The merchant told the prince it lemon cost five thousand pieces of gold. The prince thought for a long time. And bought one. The next day the three princes began their journey to the sultan palace the all talked about their gift.”What do you think the pricess looks like? I know I will looked in my magic mirror.” saw the three princes looked into the magic mirror and they saw the beautiful princess looked very ill and the sultan was crying by the bedside. “Oh no she is dying!” they said”quick lets go!” “we can go in  my magic carpet.” they saw the sultan sitting on a sofa crying “my poor daughter my beautiful perihan”  .  “your majesty,I can help your daughter.” the youngest prince saved his beautiful princess with his magic lemon. he married her.

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