sumarry mirror a carpet and a lemon Oli and Franco

Once there was a sultan who lived with his daughter. She was very beautiful and special. The  sultan  wanted  a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to receive gifts, every prince brought a gift. One brought a bird. Another  brought a hen that could lay colorful eggs.The last one brought a diamond but the sultan had a lot of diamonds. In a faraway land there lived three brothers who where princes. They wanted to marry her. The first prince bought a magic mirror.The second prince bought a magic carpet.The third prince bought a lemon that cure all the illnesses.  The three princes went to the palace. And they looked the magic mirror and they saw that the princess was sick. The second prince said let´s go on the magic carpet because it is faster. The three princes arrived in the palace. The third prince gave the magic mirror to the sultan. The sultan said that was a very nice gift. The scond prince gave the magic carpet. And the third prince had a lemon and said I can cure the princess .The prince squeezed the lemon and the princes got very well. The prince married the princess.

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