the mirror a carpet and a lemon

once there was a sultan.who lived with his daughtr.she was  very beautiful and special.the sultan wanted prince to wanted to reicive gifts every prince brought a brought a bird,Another brought a hen that could lay colorful eggs  the last one. diamond in the sheap on a a faraway and there lived three  brothers. they wantedto marry the princess.they went they went to a market to buy a sepecial gift.the first princes bought magic mirror.the second prince bought a magic carpet.andthe third princes bought a magic lemon were the next day  the three princes whear looking in to the mirror  and saw that  the princess was lying on her bed and looking very ill and her father was crying in  minutes they were at the Sultans palace.the third prince stepped  for wayd and said your majesty i can help your daughter.The three prince folow the Sultan to a room where perihan lay on her bed looking very iil.the youngest squesed the lemon and gave cup of juice to the princess.after a minute her cheeks became pink again she got up and run in to her fathers arms.The Sultan tuner to the three princes that the lemo is the best gift of all.a simple lemon won.The youngest princes marred the Sultan daughter beautifful princess perihan . they lived happly ever after.

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