writing a summary “a mirror a carpet and a lemon”

once there was a sultan who lived with his daughter. She was very beatiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to receive gifts,every prince brought a gift. One brought a bird. Another  brought a hen that could lay colorful eggs. The last 0ne brought a diamon with the shape of a star. The sultan took the prince to a big room and the prince saw sparkling diamonds everywhere. All the princes left sadly. In a faraway there live three brothers who where princes. They wanted to marry the princess. They went to a market full of strange things. The first prince brought a magic mirror. The second prince bought a magic carpet. And the third prince a lemon. The brothers  were talking about their gifts. “what do you think the princess looks like?”I will look in my magic mirror”they saw that the princess was ill. So they went to the palace on the magic carpet. They saw the sultan was crying in the sofa. “i can cure the princess””our best doctors  have tried to cure perihan and they failed””let him try”.The youngest prince squeezed the lemon and perihan drank it.She got up and ran to her fathers arms.The sultan asked “why did you come here?””to marry the princess”.”I have a magic mirror”. But my flying carpet took us here. A now, what have you brought? There other prince sai”A Lemon”. The two brothers started to laugh . ” Life is the best gift”, said the Sultan. And the youngest prince married the princess.


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