summer reading “a mirror a carpet and a lemon”(my summary)

Oce there was a sultan who lived with  his daughter.She was very beautiful and special.the sulta wanted a prince to marry her .As the sultan wanted to recive gifts every prince brought a gift.One brought a bird.Another brought a hen that could ley colorful eggs.The last one brought a big diamond but no one married the prinsess.In another  faraway land there lived three brothers who wanted to marry the prinsess.The first bought a magic mirror.Where you could see any place in the world.the second bought a carpet that could take you to any place in the world,and the last one  bought a magic lemon that if you are ill it could ciure you.When there going to the palce they saw in the mirorr that prinsess was ill so they went faster.The last prince say to the sultan ¨my magic lemon can cure your daughter then they gave the princess the jiuce and the prinsess got cured.The sultan say¨what are your presents?¨the first prince said ¨i have a magic mirorr that told us the prinsess was ill¨¨my magic  carpet took us here ¨ and the last one said ¨i have a magic lemon that cured the prinsess¨ and the last  married the prinsess because he sved her life.

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