After working with Units 3 and 4 of the Oxford Discover book, we have learnt a lot about the reasons why people move to new places. Some of the most common reasons are because of people´s jobs (that is the reason why Mica had to move to Italy), because they want better services, another reason is because they are looking for a quieter place where to live. In pairs, the children prepared a poster about a child moving to another place and in the poster they described where he or she was moving, why he or she was moving there and how he or she was feeling. Have a look at the amzaing posters they created!!!

2016-05-06 14.40.42   2016-05-06 14.44.43

2016-05-06 14.50.40   2016-05-06 15.07.48

2016-05-06 15.28.57   2016-05-06 15.30.28

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