Write the newspaper article that appears in an English newspaper when the boys go back to their country. Explain where they went, what they were going to do and how they helped the local people.

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  1. mateo says:

    David and Brian the are motocyclesn. They went t0 the amazon rally. In the day 4 they get lost in the jungle. They met with the indians, they were afried of the miners. Because they were going to kill them. Brian and David they help the indians going to the police station. The policeman went to the jungle and help the indians. The Indian chief, give a necklaces and a new name to David and Brian for what they do.

  2. manuel bravo says:


    Two british motorcycles racers, David and Brian had an adventure in the brazilian Amazonas jungle. They had a lot of problems but they finished the race.

    When the race was about to start, Brian´s motorcycle had an oil leaking but they didnt stop.They saw many small vilages and a beautiful jungle. The roads were difficult because the rain never stopped.

    One day they met indians and a german scientist called Astrid. They were very worried
    because miners were killing people so David and Brian took them to the city of UNA UNA city. There, they made a plan with the police to capture the miners.

    Finally they didnt win the race but they had a great a aventure helping the Indians in the amazon jungle.

  3. Maria Campion says:

    David an Brian went to brasil to run a race.They want to win the champion ship.The two first days were perfect but the thirt not they found a group of indians and they taket to his town.They want to help to Maoni and the indians because the miners want to kill all of them. They call the police because they listen that the miners were coming and they kill all.Maoni gives him two neckles for thank to save of the miners.They went back to the race and other people win the race but David and Brainnot inport because they gave the neckles and there happy.


    • mechibissone says:

      Excellet work Mary! (although you missed the fact that it should have been written as a newspaper article as the task says…)
      Remember that if you want to say something in the negative you must use an auxiliary. For example the auxiliary of the simple past is DID so you should say: “didn’t find” instead of “not found”

  4. Feli Rodriguez Pujol says:

    there were two motorciclist David and Brian they have a competition in the amazon jungel. When the competition starts the first 2 days the jungle was ok but the 3 day was so bad because was raining and they got lost.
    They found people there name are “maoni ” the problem was that oll the people wanted to kill they, so Brian and David help them.
    Brian go to meet capitan Silva at the police station, Brian talks to him and Brian and David resived a necklace,so they go back where oll the motorciclist were.
    Brian and David tell all the expedition.

    • mechibissone says:

      Great job Feli! (although you missed the fact that it should have been written as a newspaper article, as the task asks you to do…)

  5. Franco Carnemolla says:

    Rally`s Racers saved Indians from dangerous miners

    Two motorcycles racers went to a rally accross the Amazon Jungle. During the first two days they found no problem. But on the third day in the jungle the rain never stopped and David and Brian got lost.

    They met a group of Indians. They were very angry because miners wanted to kill them to keep their land. David and Brian wanted to help them !

    Brian and Chief Maoni`s son rode on the motorcycle to Una-Una Village. They went to the police station and told Captain Silva what was happening. Captain Silva and his men went to Indian Village and the miners ran away. Indians were safe now !

    Indians were so happy that Chief Maoni gave David and Brian a special necklace to each one. The rest of the racers of the rally congratulated them too.

  6. mechibissone says:

    Excellent work, Luli!

  7. Lourdes Cianciardo says:

    Brian and David, two racers from England went to Brazil to compete in the Amazon Rally with their motorcycles. This rally took place across Brasilia and Manaus. While hey were racing into the jungle they met Indians. They found that the Indians were at risk because the miners wanted to take their homes. Brian and David decided to help them.Brian travel whit his motorcycle and with Caruak,the Maoni´s son to Una- Una to ask for help. Caruak and Brian find Captain Silva,the police chief of Una- Una and told him that the miners wanted to kill them. Captain Silva took some policemen and organized a plan to catch the miners and stop them. Captain Silva succeeded in his plan. In the morning, Chief Maoni give to David and Brian some necklaces for their help. They didn’t win the race but they helped the Indians. THE END!!

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