Edgar is certainly not a good spy. Imagine you are a reporter. Write an article for a newspaper retelling what happened in Washing DC. Start your article like this…

Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name is Edgar.

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  1. Agus Aguirre says:

    Edgar is a spy. He wants to sell some secret plans, but he is not a good spy. A woman tells him that at the bus she is going to give him the money and Edgar gives her the plans. But he confused with Yoon Hee and took her lunch.Then the girl told him that Yoon Hee had the plans. Edgar pushed the man on the bike and went behind of the bus. Then the bus stopped and he tried to get the bag but he couldn´t. Then the bus went to a museum and the bag broke down and the plans got out, then Yoon Hee called the police and Edgar went to prison.

  2. beni leguizamon says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC., his name is Edgar. On his first day at job, Edgar has to give secret plans to a woman and she will give him money in exchange.The woman told Edgar that she will be in the White house bus at 10. She will wear a green sweater, jeans and a red bag with the money. Edgar goes to the lincoln memorial bus stop because there was a girl with exact clothes. He enters to the bus and he goes behind the wrong girl and he changes the bags. Thr woman on the phone tells him he has the wrong bag. So the man tried to take the bag when she was walking and the girl called the police. He was very sad because he went to jail on his first day. The end

  3. mechibissone says:

    Good job, Delfi! Please be careful with tenses and spelling.

  4. Dgreco says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in washington DC his name is edgar.he has a new job. He have to go te de bus stop at ten o’clock.he got confussed of the bus . he chanche the bag withe the secret planse. He confussed withe the girld. Then the girld reard lise that edgar change the bag and she call the police and the police caught a edgar and he is very sad because is he first job

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