Who is your favourite character? Why? Describe her/him. What is, in your opinion, the saddest part of these girls’ story?

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  1. cata says:

    my favourite character is meg march because she is responsable and beutiful. she always do something to help her family and her friends. she is tall and have 17 years,she is beuty and have a original personallity in this story. i think that the saddest part of the story is when beth is ill and her mother was in washintong.
    little woman,

  2. Mora says:

    My favourite charater is Jo March because she is a fun person and responsable at the same time, I like how she cares about her family.She is 15 years old, tall, has a beautiful red hair and all the people who sees sad she goes and makes them happy…SHE IS AMAZING! I think that the saddest part is when Amy gets angry with Jo and she throws the book of stories to the fire and Jo starts to shout at her saying that it was a book dedicated to his dad and it was very important for her. That part was very sad for me

  3. mechibissone says:

    I agree with you Ambi! Great job!

  4. Ambar says:

    My favourite character is Jo March because she is strong but very kind and responsible. I love how she cares so much for her family. She is brave 15 years old girl, tall, thin and has beautiful red hair. I think that the saddest part of this story is when Mrs March went to Washington to see her husband when Beth got sick and Amy had to live with her aunt for a week.

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