You’re Ariadne. Now you live on Naxos. Are you angry? Do you have questions? Write a letter to Theseus.

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  2. mechibissone says:

    Excellent job, Marcos!!

  3. Marcos says:

    Dear Theseus:
    Why did you let me here on Naxos? Werent you happy with me as your wife? I am so sad that I cant stop crying. I helped you with your mission and I loved you. I know that I couldnt stay in Athens with you, and you were going to stay with me and not with your family. they were going to think that I was tricking you. I miss you.

    with love,

  4. mechibissone says:

    Excellent letter Franco!

  5. Franco says:

    Dear Theseus,
    I am feeling so sad and angry. You left me alone here on Naxos. I helped you killing Minotaur, I gave you a knife and string. You promised to take me with you. I wanted to marry you because I love you.
    Why didn’t you take me to Athens ? I can not understand !
    I wish to see you again.


  6. mechibissone says:

    Well done, Joaco! Watch spelling please…

  7. Joaco P says:

    Dear Theseus,

    I am Ariadne i am angry because you promes me take me away and i help you kill the minotaur giving you a rope and a knife, and i help your friends to scape of prision, but you leve me alone in the island of Naxos,i am very sad.

    bye Ariadne

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