Imagine the kids did not stop Carlos. Write paragraph saying what happened to the place after that day.

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6 Responses to TROUBLE AT SEA

  1. Feli Rodriguez Pujol says:

    In that place did not where fish,birds. So the childrens only went to the house and talk.So the people hou are in the big boat will bought the house and build a hotel and the people will come

  2. Luchi says:

    All the birds, fishes and dolphins died and nobody liked to visit that place anymore. Mr. Jenkins had to sell the place to Carlos and Jim, and they will build a hotel.

  3. mechibissone says:

    well done, Martu!

  4. Martu says:

    I imagine that if the boys did not stop Carlos, it would pollute the whole sea. The dolphins and the birds were going to die. The children would not call the police and continue polluting other seas.

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