Think of a different ending to the story from the moment the Giant sees his favourite boy next to the tree and gets angry when he sees the wounds on the boy’s hands and feet.

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  1. Lucia Castagnino says:

    When the giant saw his favorite boy next to the tree , he was very happy. But when he got near, he saw the wounds on the boy’s hands and feet. So he became very angry and asked: “Who hurt you?!” And the boy answered: “Selfish people made them. People who can’t understand love or people who only have pain in their hearts. But when someone selfish becomes a good person, my wounds heal and my wings grow again.” Suddenly the giant saw the boy’s hands were healed and a pair of wings grew from the boy’s back. The boy took the giant hand and they both flew to the sky.

  2. mateo says:

    The giant look a boy and go to see. Boy crying and the giant . He said i help you and the boy he said you are the giant will play after shool all the time in the garden. The giant
    he said yesi am the giant.

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