The Celts

This is a presentation about the Celts, the first people in Britain.

Watch the presentation in class and take notes of important facts and events. Later, you´ll have to complete a worksheet.

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2 Responses to The Celts

  1. carmela y cata says:

    The Celts were the first people on the British Isles. They were warriors and used beautiful hats and helmets. The Celts lived in special and small houses, they were made of simple things that they found in the woods.The torc was a very common jewelry for everyone, you could use it in the hand or neck. They used a chariot to move fast in war.

  2. Lucia and Vito says:

    The celts were the first people on the british islands. They lived there a lot of time so they created many things. They lived in roundhouses with tatched roofs of staw and feather.The warriors wore tunics and trousers and those who fought were helmets, shields and to fight they use jabalins and swords.Their charriots were pulled by horses and they use them to fight.The torc was a very important necklace or brazalet that everybody used.

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