The Celts

Look at this different objects and say everything you remember about Celts!

Resultado de imagen para the celts sourcesCeltic helmet

Resultado de imagen para the celts sourcesCeltic torc

Resultado de imagen para the celts sourcesCeltic houses

Resultado de imagen para the celts  Celtic shield

Resultado de imagen para the celts chariotCeltic chariot

Resultado de imagen para the celt warrior Celtic warrior



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  2. Luli says:

    Thank you Pat because we learn a lot of the Celts

  3. Feli and Joaco.p says:

    The Celts had houses in places where there were were plenty of trees. When they had a war the warriors looked for charriots ,a shield and a helmet to protect themselves. And sometimes when they wanted to look better they used torcs.

  4. fmendezcanas says:

    this is what wee know about celts


    A shield ia an object used to protect you.
    In general are made of iron.
    Were used by warriors.


    was made for transportation
    it has two wheels
    generals rode it most of the time
    were moved by horses


    They were the ones that went to wars
    Generally they were strong and trainded
    They used helments,swords,shields and javalins


    It was the most expensive and important accesory
    It was used by man and woman


    It is to protect the head
    Warriors used them
    Generally there were done of iron


    Were done of dirt or clay and hay
    Celts live there

  5. Tuni and Joaco says:

    The Celts by Tuni y Joaco Capacete
    The Celts lived in roundhouses on the top of the hill. The roofs were made of straw and the walls, of mud or clay . The Celt families lived all in a group of houses and that group was called hill-ford. They were very good with the charriot, Celtic men were trained tobe warriors . The warriors wore a tunic , a helmet and a shield , the charriots were used by the warriors in the battle. Abaut the torc, it was an item of jewellery that celtic men and celtic woman used. It could be used like necklake or like bracelet.

  6. Beni andSofi says:

    The Celts

    Their houses were round, with roofs made of straw or heather, the walls were made of wattle amd daub. They lived on top of the hills. Some of the warriors lived there. They were wild and wore tunicsand trousers. Their helmets were made of iron. They went on chariots pulled by horses. Their shields were made of iron. Sometimes, they also wore torcs. The torcs were accesories that could be a necklace or a bracelet.

  7. Mati y Mora says:

    The Celts
    The celts are people that make different trives and they have their own warriors, warrios are people that fight with some helmet and shields to protect theirselfs charriots to fight. The Celts house`s are unnormal because they have a very strange shape. The torc is a jewellary that it can be used as a brecelet or a necklece.

  8. Martu and Iña says:

    The Celts were the first people in the British isles. They lived in round houses with straw roof, they used shields to protect themselves of attacks, in wars they used the charriots as a middle of transport, they had warriors who fight the wars, they used helmets to protect themselves, the people also used torcs, the torcs were jewellery

  9. luz y nica says:

    in wars celts warriors used shields and helmets to defend i protect themselves.they also at wars used chariots to move quickly an carry weapons.
    Celt women usually used a piece of jewellery of bronce called torc that it could be used as a brazlet or necklles.
    and the houses culd be made of:straw for the roof,header,mud,stone,wood,or clay for the walls.

  10. Manu and Ambar says:

    The last history class we were talking about the celts, the first people of the British Islands. They had a lot of things and now we are going to talk about six of them:
    The shield, the charriot, the warriors, the torc, the helmets and the houses.
    -The shield: the shields were one of there weapons. They had shields, swords, javelines and speans.
    -The torc: A torc is a kind of jewel that you can use as a bracelet or a necklase made of bronze for men or women.
    -The charriot: They used the charriots to move in wars. They usually fired to the enemys inside the charriot. It had two horses and it was made of wood.
    -Warriors: They looked strong, sometimes they didn’t use t-shirt , they were wild and they used the charriots.
    -The houses: They lived in a roundhouses with tatched roofs of straw or heather. The walls were made out of mud or clay. The houses were protected by a stone wall. They were built in places were are many trees.
    -The helmet: They were made with metal or bronze.They used them especially for wars.

  11. Oli y Maria says:

    The celts lived in round houses made with wood ,stone and straw.
    in wars the warriors use golden and beautiful shields they rode horeses with charriots, they used helmets tooprotect their heads.
    the girls and usually boys usedthe jewelery named torc.

  12. Thomas and Franco says:

    The celts were the first people in british island. Their houses were in forts on mountains.They were warriors and to attack they used charriots,and also to protect them sewes they used shields and helmets. People also used torcs as a brazalet

  13. mortizolivero says:

    Mate and Marcos

    The Celts

    The celts (pronounced kelts) lived in small homes made of straw and clay. They used torcs (a brazalet that could be used as a necklace). Warriors wore helmets too. To fight they had shields and spears. They were well-known because of their incredible chariots.
    And the best thing of all… they were the first people on the british isles!!

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