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Henry II and T. Becket

In class, we saw a presentation and students took notes to later on complete an exercise. Henry II de Pato_Ch We all talked and discussed the case! Good work Junior 6!!

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Sofi, Cata, Luchi and Fran’s Booktube

Hi, I share with you some more booktubes!! I hope you are having fun! I would like to know if there is any special book you want to read! Let me know!!!

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Martu, Joaco and Oli’s booktube

Hi, here you have some more book tubes to look at!! Be careful, this post will include more than one, so don’t forget to mention the name of the student in your comment!!

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Carme’s Booktube

This is Carme’s booktube. Look at it and share a comment!

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Joaco P’s booktube

Pay a look at Joaco’s booktube! Don’t forget to post a comment!

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Iña’s book tube

This is Iña’s booktube. Look at it and leave a comment!

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Feli’s Booktube

This is Feli’s booktube. Pay a look at it and leave a comment!

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Mati’s Booktube

Hi! Pay a look at Mati’s booktube and leave your comment!

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Mary’s booktube

Hi! This is Mary’s booktube. She decided to create a new cover! What do you think about it? Leave a comment.

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Thomas’ booktube

This is Thomas booktube on Farm Boy! Watch it and comment on it!!

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