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Wonder and Star Wars

Felicitas Rodriguez Pujol In Wonder there are many characters reference,here I will tell you some of them. 1)Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron-Miss Petosa. Auggie never went to a school before.The only teacher he now is Miss Fowl of the television … Continue reading

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star wars

 Julian is comparing  Darth Sidius with Auggie because darth sidus got burned by sith lighting and he is  deform as auggie   and he  reilase  that because he new all the episodes of star wars.  Auggie is comparing mr.fowl with mr.pesota … Continue reading

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Wonder-Sofi and Ambar

In the book many characters references appear. In this post, we will show the context in which this characters appear. Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron – Ms. Petosa He thought that she would look like this because, as she had … Continue reading

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Wonder and star wars

What auggie is wanting to say is that mrs Petosa looks quite simillar to mrs fowl just that mrs fowl is an anime he means that if she would be real she would be simillar.           … Continue reading

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Wonder & Star Wars, Answers from: Joaco.C and Thomas

Mrs Fowl is compared to Mrs Petosa, becouse Auggie says he thought she had white hair and a big bun, but he realizes that looks to other Star Wars character, Mon Mothma, which looks like this: ————————————————————————————————————- The Padawan thing … Continue reading

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Star Wars and Wonder: By Cata and Martu

This is Miss Fowl, from Jimmy Neutron, from Star Wars episode IV. Auggie compares her with her homeroom teacher, Miss Petosa, because, as he says in the book, both have white short hair and a big smile. This, is the “Padawan … Continue reading

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Literature – Wonder. By Manu, Beni, and Marcos

Miss fowl: August relates her to miss Petosa cause they are both teachers. Julian sees that August has a braid, as this character This character is a  bounty hunter, who kills for the one that gives more money to him. … Continue reading

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Wonder and Star Wars

Auggie doesn’t have any experience in school, so on his first day he says he thought Ms. Petosa would look like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron from Star Wars Episode IV. Auggie has a small braid in the back of his hair. In … Continue reading

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