Star Wars and Wonder: By Cata and Martu

This is Miss Fowl, from Jimmy Neutron, from Star Wars episode IV. Auggie compares her with her homeroom teacher, Miss Petosa, because, as he says in the book, both have white short hair and a big smile.

This, is the “Padawan thing”. Is a little braid that symbolizes that you are a Learner of someone. Auggie had one, that’s why Julian ask him if that is a “Padawan thing”

This is Jango Fett, Auggie favorites character. We think that its his favorite character because it doesn’t show head, and Auggie always try to do the same: hide his head because he is not pretty at all.

This, is Darth Sidious, a character that burns his head. Julian start asking Auggie some questions about Star Wars, and made him one a bit offensive: if he don’t like darth Sidious. Auggie thought he was the only one who understood that reference, because on his tour on the school, Julian asked him if he burnt his head, as Darth Sidious.


By Cata and Martu

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