Wonder & Star Wars, Answers from: Joaco.C and Thomas

Mrs Fowl is compared to Mrs Petosa, becouse Auggie says he thought she had white hair and a big bun, but he realizes that looks to other Star Wars character, Mon Mothma, which looks like this:


The Padawan thing that Julian Mentioned is a Padawan Braid, and the Jedi apprentice use it.  We think Auggie uses the Padawan Braid becouse its a sign of progression, also Via says: “It took you years to grow”, It may be a thing that he liked, because he can know that he is still living and progressing.


Jango Fett is the favourite Star Wars´ character for Auggie


Julian Compares Auggie with Darth Sidious, Becouse of Auggie´s face disease and Darth Sidious face was burnt.

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