Wonder and star wars

What auggie is wanting to say is that mrs Petosa looks quite simillar to mrs fowl just that mrs fowl is an anime he means that if she would be real she would be simillar.






Julian is bothering Auggie because it appearence. He isn’t really asking he is being sarcastic , as we see darth sidious is very pale and he is wrinkled. He is very ugly, This gives us, the readers, a clue which means that Auggie is very ugly.

We have new clues about auggie’s aspect again in this part as we see auggie has a braid like padawans had  he cutted it because he didn’t liked the class partners to bother him for it like “Hi Padawan” or “who do you think you are, a padawan!!”



I Jango fett think is auggie’s favourie’s character because he is very lonley as him he just have his son as company,  also  because he rarely shows his face a thing that auggie would like because he is ugly.








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