Wonder-Sofi and Ambar

In the book many characters references appear. In this post, we will show the context in which this characters appear.

  1. Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron – Ms. Petosa

Resultado de imagen para Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron from Star Wars Episode IV.

He thought that she would look like this because, as she had never been to school before, the only teachers Auggie knew were the ones in television. He was used to see a teacher that way so he thought they were going to be like that in real life.

2. Padawan thing – Auggie’s braid

Resultado de imagen para Padawan

A padawan is a Jedi apprentice. Most padawans had a braid like the one in the picture and, as a big Star Wars fan, Auggie had the same.

3. Jango Fett – Auggie’s favourite character

Resultado de imagen para jango fett

Jango Fett is a character whose face is covered, and Auggie likes it because he wants his face not to be seen. Sometimes he would like to wear a mask so no one could judge him. The character should not be confused with his “son” Bobba Fett, who is his clone.

4. Darth Sidious- Auggie

Resultado de imagen para Darth Sidious cara quemada

Resultado de imagen para Darth Sidious cara quemada

Julian asked Auggie if he liked Darth Sidious, a character that has his face burnt, so it doesn’t really look like ordinary ones, just like Auggie’s face. Julian thought that Auggie wouldn’t understand the reference but he did, and he didn’t like it but didn’t do anything about it.


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