Wonder and Star Wars

Felicitas Rodriguez Pujol

In Wonder there are many characters reference,here I will tell you some of them.

1)Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron-Miss Petosa.

Auggie never went to a school before.The only teacher he now is Miss Fowl of the television called Jimmy Neutron 

2)Padawan thing-Auggie’s braid

This is a Padawan thing,only the boys how are practising to be a Jedi are able to use them.However,when they became a Jedi they cut the Padawan they cut the Padawan thing and that mean that he is not more a Padawan now he is a Jedi.

3)Jango Fett the father  of Boba Fett

Auggie likes Jango Fett because he has a masc to protect his face,and because if he has a masc no one could jude him.And Jango Fett and his father Boba Fett were a clone.The clones were in the side of Darth Vader,they want to gobern al the galaxy and to kill all the Jedis.

4)Darth Sidious-Auggie


Darth Sidious, known as The Emperor,Auggie appreciates this character as they present several similarities.Firstly, The Emperor burnt his face with Jedi electricity and Auggie,one the other hand, has scars all over his face.Secondly,Julian ask Auggie anticipating if he like Darth Sidious,anticipating that Auggie will not understand his reference. Nevertheless,he understood his reference perfectly and was upleased with it.

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