Industrial Revolution

Ver las imágenes de origen

Read the information concerning your topic. (you can also use your booklet)

Watch the videos and the presentations.

Prepare a presentation to teach your topic to the rest of the class.

Be brief and clear.

Use sources: testimonies, photos, videos and explain them.

Make sure you all understand the topic and that you are all ready to answers questions.

Industries and cities: Oli-Mery-Mora-Nica

Transport: Manu-Lourdes-Thomas-Tuni

Factories: Cata-Mate C-Fran-Martu

Children working in factories: Joaco C-Franco-Carme-Sofi

Health and Safety: Vito-Marcos-Luz-

Growing population: Luchi-Iñaki-Beni-Feli

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution: Emilio-Ambar-Mati G-Joaco P


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