History Final Assignment

Resultado de imagen para child labourResultado de imagen para child labour

This year we have studied Industrial Revolution and slavery and we talked a lot about kids that worked in those times.

Now, do you really believe that child labour does not exist anymore?

First, pay attention to this definition from Wikipedia:

Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. This practice is considered exploitative by many international organisations. Legislations across the world prohibit child labour. These laws do not consider all work by children as child labour; exceptions include work by child artists, supervised training, certain categories of work such as those by Amish children, some forms of child work common among indigenous American children, and others.

Think, investigate and prepare a presentation: 

Task 1

  • What is the difference between slavery and child work? Read the following text to find the answer. (1 slide)


Read the following webpages:



  • What are children´s rights? Make a list of 5,  the most important ones in your opinion. Say why you believe they are important. (1 slide)

Task 2

Read the following articles:

  • In two slides explain the case of child labour in Uzbekistán
  • Use another slide to show another case of slide labour in another country.



Now,  read about H&M and the problem with justice. Express your opinion. Give reasons from the text (2 slides: include a quotation from any of the articles)



  • Express your opinion and support your answer with quotations. Include sources to prove your ideas. (1 slide)

Task 3

Argentina: https://www.humanium.org/en/argentina/


  • Make a summary of the most shocking points for you and write your opinion (2 slides)
  • Explain what the problem is and try to think of solutions taking into account the rights of the child. (1 or 2 slides)

Task 4

  • Make a final conclusion comparing what happens today to the industrial revolution period. Account for your ideas. Give reasons and evidence. (1 slide)

Task 5

  • Now I want to read your thoughts, ideas, opinions and impressions of the concept of child labour. Always give reasons/evidence for your ideas. Here are a few sentence starters that you may like to use to help you get started:

(Choose 5 starters and complete the phrases ) (3 or 4 slides)

  • I learned … • I was surprised … • I’m beginning to wonder … • I discovered … • I feel … • I think I will … • I now realize that … • I agree with … • I do not agree with … • I would like someday to … • I would like to find out more about … • I admire… • I am surprised at… • I predict…

Rubric for correction of this work

Correct use of Language and grammar                                             10 points

Organization and layout                                                                       10 points

Selection of accurate information  and clear explanations           20 points

Ability to summarize ideas                                                                   10 points

Sources of evidence correctly explained and commented             15 points

Critical analysis of the work as a whole                                             20 points

Opinion on the topic and relation to others                                      15 points

Send the presentation to me (use Google presentations)


Deadline: November 28


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