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Our Art Project

After working with our unit of Art we decided to create a virtual museum with our favorite paintings. Take a look at them and share your thoughts with us.

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Fun games to revise for the YLE!

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Poems everywhere!

Here are the poems you´ve been working with in class. You all did a wonderful job! I really enjoyed listening to you!

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Let´s check the time!

Watch the following video and try to guess the time! You´ll become an expert! Then, write a sentence in a comment telling me something you do and what time you do it. For example, I eat dinner with my family … Continue reading

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Scientists and Crows – Unit 4

We watched some videos in YouTube about crows. In this video a crow uses cars to open walnuts! In this video Betty, the crow, bends a wire to lift a bucket with food! These are some more videos about crows!

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Writing a Friendly Letter

In groups, write a letter to a family member or friend. Tell him or her about something you are learning at school.

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Revising – Unit 1

Today we went over the Thinglinks on the vocabulary of the Unit. We also played games on vocabulary, Present Simple, a/an, and this/that/these/those.

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Let’s Revise (Unit 1)

Let’s revise while playing! Play the games on Professions, Family, House, Body, A/An, This/That/These/Those and Present Simple. You may also have a look at the Tutorial on Present Simple. Remember all games appear on the right. Have fun and learn!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

We started writing! Write your first description on a sticky note and pin it on the linoit canvas! Get started!!

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Present Simple – Let’s revise!

Hi! Today we are going to go over the Present Simple! Source: Cornerstone 3, Pearson Longman. Now, have a look at the Tutorial Finally, play the Present Simple games on the right for reinforcement.

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