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Thomas’, Nica’s, Martu’s and Joaco’s oral presentations

This week de had lots of oral presentations about different artists. Thomas talked about L. Da Vinci, Nica talked about Picasso’s life, Martu talked about Van Gogh and Joaco C. About Antonio Berni. You all did great children! Congratulations! Oral … Continue reading

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This is my oral presentation.

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Summer reading ¨a mirror a carpet and a lemon¨ (my summary)

Once there was a sultan who live with his daughter. She was very beautiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to her.As the suitan wanted to receive gifts ,every prince brouth a gift. One brought a bird. Another brought … Continue reading

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Journal entry about your day by Marcos, Mati and Joaco C

                                                                                Monday, … Continue reading

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Friendly Letter by Mica, Martu, Joaco C and Franco

1880  Guido Street Buenos Aires, 1119                                                                       … Continue reading

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Joaco’s Special Day

Joaco prepared a Prezi presentation. He described his family and told us about his trip to Mendoza. He learnt a lot in it! It was incredible!

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Feli, Joaco C and Nica’s Pong Game

Now, it’s Feli, Joaco C and Nica’s turn!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

We started writing! Write your first description on a sticky note and pin it on the linoit canvas! Get started!!

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