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Wonder and Star Wars

Felicitas Rodriguez Pujol In Wonder there are many characters reference,here I will tell you some of them. 1)Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron-Miss Petosa. Auggie never went to a school before.The only teacher he now is Miss Fowl of the television … Continue reading

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star wars

 Julian is comparing  Darth Sidius with Auggie because darth sidus got burned by sith lighting and he is  deform as auggie   and he  reilase  that because he new all the episodes of star wars.  Auggie is comparing mr.fowl with mr.pesota … Continue reading

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Literature – Wonder. By Manu, Beni, and Marcos

Miss fowl: August relates her to miss Petosa cause they are both teachers. Julian sees that August has a braid, as this character This character is a  bounty hunter, who kills for the one that gives more money to him. … Continue reading

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Look at the picture and describe what you can see. Include a symbol.

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The Kites are Flying

After reading the book, let´s work on these tasks This book is told from many different points of view: -Israeli/Palestinian -Occupier/Occupied -Child/Adult Explain the viewpoint of each of them. 2. Find a quote to prove all these themes: • Freedom … Continue reading

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The Kites are Flying

Setting The story is set in the West Bank, part of the occupied Palestinian territories. Since the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948 there has been conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians over ownership of land. Hundreds … Continue reading

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Our Own Shape Poems

As your first approach to Literature I showed you that not all poems are alike and that same even have shapes. Here I share your own shape poems. You did an amazing job!

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