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Summer reading´´a mirror a carpet and lemon

Once there was a sultan who live with his daughter. She was very beautiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to her.As the suitan wanted to receive gifts ,every prince brouth a gift. One brought a bird. Another brought … Continue reading

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Mateo’s Special Day

Mateo showed us a presentation on his vacations in Mar de las Pampas. We watched him surf and saw a picture with his friends! Mate, we loved your vacations!

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Friendly Letter by Cata, Polo and Mate

1880 Guido Street                                                                            … Continue reading

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Vito, Mate, Cata and Polo’s Game

Last but not least one more pong game. Children worked on their own designing the game, choosing the backdrop and programming it! Congrats on your amazing work!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

We started writing! Write your first description on a sticky note and pin it on the linoit canvas! Get started!!

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