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Mati’s Booktube

Hi! Pay a look at Mati’s booktube and leave your comment!

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Mati’s Oral Presentation

Today it was Mati’s oral presentation and he made a prezi with lots of facts about Neil Armstrong, the first man who stepped on the Moon. Great job, Mati!

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summer reading “a mirror a carpet and a lemon”(my summary)

Oce there was a sultan who lived with  his daughter.She was very beautiful and special.the sulta wanted a prince to marry her .As the sultan wanted to recive gifts every prince brought a gift.One brought a bird.Another brought a hen … Continue reading

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Journal entry about your day by Marcos, Mati and Joaco C

                                                                                Monday, … Continue reading

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Friendly Letter by Ro and Mati

1811 Azcuenaga Street                                                                           … Continue reading

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Mica, Mati and Manu’s Pong Game

We are so glad you enjoyed playing our Pong Game! It’s time to play some more games!! In groups we invented different Pong Games and we want to share them with you. After playing the games, please leave a comment … Continue reading

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Mati’s Special Day

Mati brought a beautiful video in which he showed us his family. He also showed us some pictures of his vacations at Disney World, the beach, the farm and New York! It was fantastic!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

We started writing! Write your first description on a sticky note and pin it on the linoit canvas! Get started!!

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