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Mora’s oral presentation

Today it was Mori’s oral presentation and she talked about The Rolling Stones. Great Job Mori!! My oral presentation by mora from marudiaz77

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Mora´s Oral Presentation on Tsunamis

My oral presentetion by mora from marudiaz77

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Summary “A mirror,a carpet and a lemon”

Once there was a sultan who lived with his daughter. She  was very beutiful and special. The sultan wanted a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to recive gifts,every princes brought a gift. One brought a bird, another … Continue reading

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Mora’s Special Day

Mora went on holidays to Brazil. She showed us everything they did in such a beautiful place!!!!! She had amazing vacations!  

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Journal entry about your day by Mica, Ambar and Mora

Thursday,July 20th Dear diary, Today I went to the shopping centre with Mora, Mica, Cata and Ambar. Mora went to Cheeky, Ambar to Rapsodia, and Mica to Pink. Cata went to Mimo. We got lost. Mora thought that all her … Continue reading

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Mora & Beni’s Pong Game

Our programmers keep creating amazing games! Give it a go! You’ll have a lot of fun!

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Describe a Person – Unit 1

We started writing! Write your first description on a sticky note and pin it on the linoit canvas! Get started!!

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