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Singing Competition

Yesterday we had our singing competition with junior 4, 5, 6 and 7. Junior 5 sang Counting Stars, by One Republic. We all had a great time!!! Congratulations Junior 5!!!! You rocked it!!!

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Junior 5 Rocks!

We wanted to practice the first conditional that we have been studying and we thought a song was a good way to do so!

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Luchi’s Oral Presentation

Today it was Luchi’s oral presentation. She told us some interenting facts about lunar and solar eclipses. She brought a lamp and 2 balls that represented the sun, the Earth and the moon and showed us what an eclipse looked … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes – Bella´s Home

Here´s proof of how much you enjoyed and committed to this, our first project. A big clap for you children!

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Bella´s Home

After reading the first story in the Oxford Discover you prepared beautiful collages to illustrate the story. I just loved your work and the passion you put into the whole project. Congrats!

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