The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips by M. Morpurgo

This is the tale of Michael’s grandma’s experiences as she grew up in Slapton in Devon during World War Two, told through her diaries when she was 12 years old.

It’s based on a true story.

It’s 1943 and Lily’s village is needed for soldiers to train for war so they must all move out of their homes. The are preparing the Normandy landing.

What was going on in 1943?

Resultado de imagen para WW2

Slapton, Devon (in England)

Resultado de imagen para WW2 Slapton Devon The practice assault included a live-firing exercise

This town was used by American soldiers to practice an important attack: D-DAY in Normandy.

Imagen relacionada Slapton, 1942

Resultado de imagen para ww2 d day


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Wonder and Star Wars

Felicitas Rodriguez Pujol

In Wonder there are many characters reference,here I will tell you some of them.

1)Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron-Miss Petosa.

Auggie never went to a school before.The only teacher he now is Miss Fowl of the television called Jimmy Neutron 

2)Padawan thing-Auggie’s braid

This is a Padawan thing,only the boys how are practising to be a Jedi are able to use them.However,when they became a Jedi they cut the Padawan they cut the Padawan thing and that mean that he is not more a Padawan now he is a Jedi.

3)Jango Fett the father  of Boba Fett

Auggie likes Jango Fett because he has a masc to protect his face,and because if he has a masc no one could jude him.And Jango Fett and his father Boba Fett were a clone.The clones were in the side of Darth Vader,they want to gobern al the galaxy and to kill all the Jedis.

4)Darth Sidious-Auggie


Darth Sidious, known as The Emperor,Auggie appreciates this character as they present several similarities.Firstly, The Emperor burnt his face with Jedi electricity and Auggie,one the other hand, has scars all over his face.Secondly,Julian ask Auggie anticipating if he like Darth Sidious,anticipating that Auggie will not understand his reference. Nevertheless,he understood his reference perfectly and was upleased with it.

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star wars

Resultado de imagen para darth sidious Julian is comparing  Darth Sidius with Auggie because darth sidus got burned by sith lighting and he is  deform as auggie   and he  reilase  that because he new all the episodes of star wars.

Resultado de imagen para Miss Fowl from Star Wars Episode IV.Resultado de imagen para Miss Fowl from Star Wars Episode IV. Auggie is comparing mr.fowl with mr.pesota because they are in the personal way are very similare  they  both very nice,intrested,demanding,wise and both are new.

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Wonder-Sofi and Ambar

In the book many characters references appear. In this post, we will show the context in which this characters appear.

  1. Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron – Ms. Petosa

Resultado de imagen para Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron from Star Wars Episode IV.

He thought that she would look like this because, as she had never been to school before, the only teachers Auggie knew were the ones in television. He was used to see a teacher that way so he thought they were going to be like that in real life.

2. Padawan thing – Auggie’s braid

Resultado de imagen para Padawan

A padawan is a Jedi apprentice. Most padawans had a braid like the one in the picture and, as a big Star Wars fan, Auggie had the same.

3. Jango Fett – Auggie’s favourite character

Resultado de imagen para jango fett

Jango Fett is a character whose face is covered, and Auggie likes it because he wants his face not to be seen. Sometimes he would like to wear a mask so no one could judge him. The character should not be confused with his “son” Bobba Fett, who is his clone.

4. Darth Sidious- Auggie

Resultado de imagen para Darth Sidious cara quemada

Resultado de imagen para Darth Sidious cara quemada

Julian asked Auggie if he liked Darth Sidious, a character that has his face burnt, so it doesn’t really look like ordinary ones, just like Auggie’s face. Julian thought that Auggie wouldn’t understand the reference but he did, and he didn’t like it but didn’t do anything about it.


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Wonder and star wars

What auggie is wanting to say is that mrs Petosa looks quite simillar to mrs fowl just that mrs fowl is an anime he means that if she would be real she would be simillar.






Julian is bothering Auggie because it appearence. He isn’t really asking he is being sarcastic , as we see darth sidious is very pale and he is wrinkled. He is very ugly, This gives us, the readers, a clue which means that Auggie is very ugly.

We have new clues about auggie’s aspect again in this part as we see auggie has a braid like padawans had  he cutted it because he didn’t liked the class partners to bother him for it like “Hi Padawan” or “who do you think you are, a padawan!!”



I Jango fett think is auggie’s favourie’s character because he is very lonley as him he just have his son as company,  also  because he rarely shows his face a thing that auggie would like because he is ugly.








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Wonder & Star Wars, Answers from: Joaco.C and Thomas

Mrs Fowl is compared to Mrs Petosa, becouse Auggie says he thought she had white hair and a big bun, but he realizes that looks to other Star Wars character, Mon Mothma, which looks like this:


The Padawan thing that Julian Mentioned is a Padawan Braid, and the Jedi apprentice use it.  We think Auggie uses the Padawan Braid becouse its a sign of progression, also Via says: “It took you years to grow”, It may be a thing that he liked, because he can know that he is still living and progressing.


Jango Fett is the favourite Star Wars´ character for Auggie


Julian Compares Auggie with Darth Sidious, Becouse of Auggie´s face disease and Darth Sidious face was burnt.

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Star Wars and Wonder: By Cata and Martu

This is Miss Fowl, from Jimmy Neutron, from Star Wars episode IV. Auggie compares her with her homeroom teacher, Miss Petosa, because, as he says in the book, both have white short hair and a big smile.

This, is the “Padawan thing”. Is a little braid that symbolizes that you are a Learner of someone. Auggie had one, that’s why Julian ask him if that is a “Padawan thing”

This is Jango Fett, Auggie favorites character. We think that its his favorite character because it doesn’t show head, and Auggie always try to do the same: hide his head because he is not pretty at all.

This, is Darth Sidious, a character that burns his head. Julian start asking Auggie some questions about Star Wars, and made him one a bit offensive: if he don’t like darth Sidious. Auggie thought he was the only one who understood that reference, because on his tour on the school, Julian asked him if he burnt his head, as Darth Sidious.


By Cata and Martu

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Literature – Wonder. By Manu, Beni, and Marcos

Miss fowl:Resultado de imagen para miss fowl

August relates her to miss Petosa cause they are both teachers.

Julian sees that August has a braid, as this character

Resultado de imagen para jango fett

This character is a  bounty hunter, who kills for the one that gives more money to him. In some movies he makes an alliance with the empire.

Imagen relacionada

In the movies, he burns his face with jedi electricity, wich is a little bit a august.

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Wonder and Star Wars

Resultado de imagen para wonder

Auggie doesn’t have any experience in school, so on his first day he says he thought Ms. Petosa would look like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron from Star Wars Episode IV.

Auggie has a small braid in the back of his hair. In class Julian asks him if it’s a “Padawan thing.”

Augie’s favourite character is Jango Fett……not to be confused with his son, Boba Fett.

Finally, and probably the most important Star Wars reference in this section, Julian asks Auggie if he likes Darth Sidious. Of course Auggie knows what happens to Darth Sidious in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Why would Julian mention Darth Sidious?

In pairs, find pictures to illustrate these Star Wars characters and explain the comparison that appears in the book.

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Passive Voice Tutorial

Hi there!!!

I share with you a video about the ¨Passive Voice for the ones who were absent or who still have doubts!!!

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