Passive Voice Practice

I share this post for you to practise Passive Voice

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Watch the trailer to choose your next book!

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Collaborative work Rubric

Hello!!!! Take into account that this is the Rubric we will ALL use to assess each other when working collaboratively. Read it, and do your best with your team!!

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Book Review – Example

This is the book review we worked with in class. I post it for the ones who need to re-write yours. It might be useful to follow this structure!!

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One Minute talks

Hi everyone!!! I share with you the topics for the one minute talk and the rubric I will be using to assess you.

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The Impact of American Empires

Impact of the Age of Exploration

  • Explorers learned more about areas such as Africa and the Americas and brought that knowledge back to Europe.
  • Massive wealth accrued to European colonizers due to trade in goods, spices, and precious metals.
  • Methods of navigation and mapping improved, switching from traditional portolan charts to the world’s first nautical maps.
  • New food, plants, and animals were exchanged between the colonies and Europe.
  • Indigenous people were decimated by Europeans, from a combined impact of disease, overwork, and massacres.
  • The work force needed to support the massive plantations in the New World, led to a 300 year slave trade that had an enormous impact on Africa.
  • The impact persists to this day, with many of the world’s former colonies still considered the “developing” world, while colonizers are the First World countries, holding a majority of the world’s wealth and annual income.

Analyse sources

Read information from the following webpage:

Look at the sources and explain them with your own words giving evidence for your ideas and opinion (evidence must be taken from the photocopies, the webpage and your knowledge on the topic)

Source 1

Parade Honoring Magellan's Voyage

An 1891 print shows a parade in honor of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, whose ships circumnavigated the world between 1519 and 1522, Spain, 1522. Magellan, himself, had died in 1521, and the return was achieved under the command of one of Magellan’s captains, Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Source 2

Constantinople Falls

The capture and sacking of Constantinople by Turkish troops under Mohammed II, 29th May 1453. The Turkish victory marked the end of the Byzantine Empire and the rise of the Ottomans.

Source 3

Departure of Columbus

Illustration titled ‘Embarkation and Departure of Columbus from the Port of Palos’, On His First Voyage of Discovery, On The 3rd of August, 1492.

Source 4

Henry Hudson Greeted by Native Americans

Henry Hudson, his boat being greeted by Native Americans at the lakeshore.


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Since the beginning of March we have been working on the topic of enlightenment.

Watch this video

Use a post-it to write a question about all this.

Give the post-it to your teacher.


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Welcome back!!!!!

We have a new year ahead, full of great opportunities!!!!! Let’s jump into it!!!!!

Nice to see you again!!

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Answers to the Optional exercises

Hi everybody!!! I share with you the answers to the optional exercises. If you have any doubts, send me an email!!

Ex. 2

  1. Do you want
  2. doesn’t belong
  3. am using
  4. need
  5. does he want
  6. is he looking
  7. believes
  8. don’t remember
  9. am thinking. …. Do you want
  10. don’t use
  11. prefer
  12. consists

Ex. 5

  1. (DON’T DO IT)
  2. went
  3. (DON’T DO IT)
  4. broke / has broken
  5. saw … broke (had broken)… stopped
  6. were having
  7. walked
  8. have already eaten
  9. have had
  10. have been traveling (had been traveling)
  11. has been running
  12. was looking

Ex. 6

  1. is not raining
  2. was waiting …. arrived
  3. am getting
  4. do you do
  5. phones … didn’t phone
  6. Have you seen
  7. were thinking … decided
  8. is happening
  9. doesn’t rain
  10. rang … were having
  11. went … was studying .. didn’t want … didn’t stay
  12. told … didn’t believe … was joking


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Learning and entertaining!!!

Today we were able to enjoy a very entertaining afternoon playing  the games the students created to revise all the different grammar topics we have been learning this year.

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