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Vito, Mate, Cata and Polo’s Game

Last but not least one more pong game. Children worked on their own designing the game, choosing the backdrop and programming it! Congrats on your amazing work!

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Mora & Beni’s Pong Game

Our programmers keep creating amazing games! Give it a go! You’ll have a lot of fun!

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Luz, Ro, Martu and Cini’s Pong Game

Have a look at Martu, Luz, Cini and Ro’s game!!!

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Iña, Thomas and Marcos’ Pong Game

Now play Iña, Thomas and Marcos’ game!

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Franco and Fran’s Pong Game

Let’s play Fran and Franco’s scratch game!

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Feli, Joaco C and Nica’s Pong Game

Now, it’s Feli, Joaco C and Nica’s turn!

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Joako P and Oli’s Pong Game

Have a look and have fun with Joaco P and Oli’s Game!

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Maria, Ambar and Sofia’s Pong Game

Let’s keep on playing!!! This is Ambi, Sofi and Mary’s game!

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Mica, Mati and Manu’s Pong Game

We are so glad you enjoyed playing our Pong Game! It’s time to play some more games!! In groups we invented different Pong Games and we want to share them with you. After playing the games, please leave a comment … Continue reading

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